Astoria inaugurates an interpretative style based on the integration
of a vintage material, utilized for the top, and accompanying the
graphite metal structure which determines its character. A modern
and firm character for which the password is metamorphosis. The
transformation from console to dining table belongs to the altacom
philosophy where everything is in movement to assolve a
determined function through remarkable aesthetic values.  The metal support in the middle under the top, is holding  up the top once completely extended, in complete safety and without constraints. Astoria, minimum encumbrance when closed, maximum conviviality by accomodating up to ten guests at the table.

Metal frame extending console-table,
aluminium telescopic mechanism,
top in melamine, lacquered, wood or
mortar-look, 3 or 5 extensions. Central
supporting legs. Extensions supporting
retracting hooks.

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